About Us

ChangeDrivingTest.co.uk , the only online driving test cancellation checker is a product of Crispy Fried Software Ltd. We specialize in producing software to help learner drivers find an earlier driving test. Founded in 2008 we've helped thousands of learner drivers to a closer driving test. We work closely with a number of driving instructors and driving schools to ensure our software meets the highest standards.
The inspiration for the software came from being frustrated at the long waiting times while taking my driving test for the second (and third!) times. I decided to build something that would help to automate the dull, tedious and unnecessary process of checking the DSA website for tests.

The first attempt would email when cancellations came up. Then we added text messaging. But we soon realised this wasn't enough. The tests would disappear before our customers could get onto the DSA website to book them. So we upgraded the software to reserve tests and book them automatically.

Our first product was a downloadable cancellation checker. Understandably some users couldn't leave their computers on while the software worked, and the software only worked for PCs (not Macs). This lead us to acquire ChangeDrivingTest.co.uk - an online service with no software to download, which will work equally well for all types of PC and Mac

Meet The Team

Tom Gallard - Lead Developer

Tom learnt his trade at the Bank of England before moving on to GAM, a London based Asset Manager. He founded Crispy Fried Software in 2008, and finally passed his driving test (at the third attempt) in September of that year.

Siân Littler - Design, Customer Support

Siân is a full time medical student, but in between healing the sick and learning hundreds of drug names, she somehow manages to find time to work for Crispy Fried Software on design, and customer support