How to find Driving Test Cancellations

What is a driving test cancellation?

Sometimes, someone who's due to take their driving test in the next couple of weeks cancels their test (maybe they don't feel they're ready, or their instructor cannot make it) . When they do so, the test gets release back onto the DSA web booking system. If you're quick enough, you can login to the system, and reserve that test for yourself, moving your driving test weeks or months earlier. Tests may also appear because an extra instructor has been assigned to a test centre, or because an instructor has agreed to work overtime.

Tips to get an earlier driving test

When do driving test cancellations get put on the DSA website?

We investigated this using the data we have from all our current and past customers. As you can see in the chart below, most driving test cancellations get put onto the system between about 9am and 6pm. Just when a lot of us are out at school, college or work!

When driving test cancellations become available

If you're looking for a cancellations, it appears that significantly more turn up at the start of the month than the end of the month:

More driving test cancellations at start of month than end of month
Is there a Cancellation 'List'

No- the DSA say there is no special cancellation list. When someone cancels their test, it pops up almost immediately on the DSA website, and then whoever reserves it first can book it. This is what gives our service such an advantage- as we check every 5 or 10 minutes between 6am and midnight.

Why is the wait time for my centre so long?

Quite simply- the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) do not have enough test centres in urban areas (e.g. London) to satisfy demand. This means people are having to wait up to 18 weeks for their driving tests at West Wickham, while those booking at Melton Mowbray can get a test in a week or two.